Would You Want to Marry Donald Trump?

When you are fortunate enough to work for the best charlotte London escorts, you meet a lot of attractive and powerful men. Does that mean that you would want to spend a lifetime with all of them? To be honest, there are some men I have met at charlotte London escorts that I could see myself spending some serious time with on a personal basis. But, if Donald Trump turned up, there is no way that I would like to spend the rest of my life with him.

What do women, including London escorts, find so revolting about Donald Trump? Many women think that Donald Trump is a bit of a sexual predator. That is how he comes across to us girls at London escorts and I dare say most women out there would agree with me. He speaks about women in a very derogatory manner and that is what I think so many women find off-putting about him. From what he says, it is clear he thinks that he is a lot better than women.

We do on occasion come across men with a similar attitude at our London escorts service. How do we handle the situation? It is a matter of having the right mindset. You just take a professional approach and get on with the date. Unfortunately, men like Donald Trump tend to be bad tippers which really does not make the situation any better. Most men who enjoy dating escorts and become regulars do have a habit of tipping London escorts very well.

When you like a man at London escorts, it is much more fun to date them. The funny thing is the men who seem to be really into dating London escorts are the ones who are really nice to us. You would have thought the men who have a funny attitude toward women would be the ones who would give us the best tips, but that is seldom the case. Instead, the men who feel like boyfriends or friends are the best tippers and the most generous gentlemen when it comes to gifts.

Should Donal Trump be allowed to run for President again? There is nothing you can do to keep Donald Trump running for a second term. Personally, I would have thought the US would have had enough of him by now, but it does not seem that way. Instead many seem to want to re-elect him and make sure that he gets another term in office. I am not sure if that is what I would do if I was American. He used to come to the UK a lot, and I do wonder if he has ever had the chance to date London escorts. If so, did he enjoy his date and did he leave a tip? I hope that he did and that he enjoyed his time in London with or without his long-suffering wife

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