Sexy foods for your health

Proper food before sexual act could not only be delicious, but also make the sensations more saturated. This process burns a lot of calories, so the body must have enough energy. Useful products may increase the level of testosterone, which plays a major role. Girls from Manor Park Escorts of recommend that all the dishes that are used before sex should be light, useful, and of course natural. It is necessary to avoid harmful additives. Preference is given to aromatic and colorful products. Special attention should be drawn to the freshness of all the ingredients.

Products, causing sexual attraction

The main products, recommended by Manor Park Escorts to eat before you have sex are seafood, spices, herbs and eggs. Also, we could add fruits, berries, garlic, olive oil and fresh juices to them. It is important, that besides the products themselves, a great role is played by scents. American doctor has found that aromas have a strong correlation to sexual desire, especially chocolate, cinnamon, mint and vanilla.

Eggs are a protein food that has long been used as a powerful sexual stimulant. The most familiar are considered to be chicken eggs, but quail eggs look more erotic and are considered to be more effective. Manor Park Escorts recommend them to fry with garlic, which also is added to food before sex. It has relatively unpleasant smell, but is able to ignite passion.

Many men associate any meal only with meat. It is not necessary to give it up, but it is better to choose the chicken, which is lighter. But it would be better if all the meat is replaced by fish. For the digestion, meat requires a lot of time and energy. After eating it, there appears lethargy and fatigue. Therefore, a full-fledged sex and meat are not very compatible. When choosing a fish, you need to give preference to butt that can awaken love. However, any other fish can improve sexual performance, due to the phosphorus.

Another aspect, that Manor Park Escorts mention, is spices. They are considered to be very strong aphrodisiacs. On the East, spices and flavored dishes are the very powerful exciters. Most of them contain essential oils of spices, therefore have such a strong impact. It recommends the use of ginger, saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise, basil and mustard. For the health of the sex glands and their proper functioning, you should definitely eat nuts. For example, pistachios are able to increase sperm count and enhance the attraction. Also pay attention to the pine nuts and almond. Nuts contain vitamin E, without which the production of sex hormones is absolutely impossible.

Manor Park Escorts say, that chocolate is considered to one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, due to the presence of the amino acid phenylalanine. This contributes to the development of pleasure hormone – endorphin. For best results, use chocolate immediately before intercourse. It is better to give preference to a bitter chocolate in which the cocoa content is 70%. It is more beneficial to the body and less has less calories. Dark chocolate helps to produce dopamine, which affects sexual desire in women. Chocolate can be served in melted form with fruit pieces.

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