London escorts – the hottest girls I know


I am a long haul pilot with a major airline, and I always take the opportunity to date London escorts from when I have a stopover at a London hotel. The escorts services at this airport are excellent, and the girls are some of the hottest that I know.

Flying may seem like a glamorous job, but it is, in fact, very dull. You sit for hours, and there is very little to do. Many modern planes more or less fly themselves, and you almost feel like you are surplus to requirements. I can get very frustrated, and as soon I am on the deck, I am ready for some hot actions with London escorts.

I have never been disappointed with a date with a London girl. They are all stunning and amazingly sexy, and I can’t get enough of them. London escorts are now one of the few places around the world where I date escorts. I have more or less given up on the rest. It can be frustrating sometimes when you have layovers or stopovers, but I instead spend my hard-earned money in London.

On average, I fly into London a couple of times per month. I am so grateful for modern technology as I can arrange a date with a London escorts agency as soon as I get off the plane. Most of the sites used by the agencies are suitable for mobile devices, so you can easily arrange a date using your iPad or iPhone. Many other escorts agencies worldwide do not seem to be as much up to date as London ones.

Most of my stopovers are just for one night, so I usually book an escort as soon as I get off the plane. When I get to the hotel, I email or the agency my room number, and the girl turns up. It is such a straightforward service, and working it like this makes it very discreet.

The problem is that I am married, and I don’t want my wife to know about my habit of dating London escorts. She has caught me once in the United States dating an escort, and I will not go through that again. My marriage is not unhappy; it is just that I get so frustrated by not having a sexy companion by my side sometimes. It is nice to be able to feel that human touch if you know what I mean.

As long as I am flying into London, I am happy, and I will not give up on dating in London. Most of my pilot colleagues don’t know that I am dating in London, and I am not sure how they would take it. I am cautious around aircrew as they like to gossip a lot. I don’t want to have to give up my London girls.

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