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The body of every woman reacts differently to your touch and stimulation as well as a different style of stimulation is preferred. Many men imagine that being rough and dominant is all that matters while underestimating the role of a delicate touch, and the importance of intimacy between the lovers. Depending on your partner’s character, age, and menstrual cycle, their preference will change; approaching her with a tender touch shows your real manliness and a full understanding of a woman needs according to London escorts.

Regardless of how tempting it may be, don’t speed towards the clitoris just yet. Start with her lips, stop at her neck and go slowly all the way down to her mons pubis. Start slowly with it, don’t rush – let her feel your gentle touch as you slowly go lower and approach her vagina – remember that in oral sex both you and your partner are bombarded with positive stimulus so feel the pleasure of slowly approaching her lower parts. When you get there, work your way in slowly from the outside. Build your way towards her orgasm but don’t press on her. Women are much more sensitive than men and you should slowly make her fully aroused before going for her clit. Listen to your woman, observe her reactions and see how far you can go. A slower, more passionate work creates a much stronger orgasm for any women and brings both of you much closer together.

When slowly approaching clitoris with your tongue, mix the up and down and side to side motion on the whole area around it – keep moving the tongue in different directions. Don’t get caught just on the clit, you can add some fingers and go for her spot as long as you do it gently. Don’t forget the rest of her body either, stroke her breast and butt when you are not inside her rubbing her g-spot.

When she finally gets wet, you can go for the grand finale – the clitoris. If you go all the way slowly, with the gentle touch and don’t focus on it from the very beginning, her orgasm will be huge. Lick her clit focusing on different, soft motions of your tongue. Kiss it from time to time and gently suck but never bite – it’s not your penis and it’s much more sensitive. Go from slow to a bit faster moves and listen to your partner. If you listen to her moaning and reactions as you play with her correctly, you’ll easily finish her and give her orgasm of her life. You should watch your woman play with her body as often as possible, especially before you go for the clit – that way you’ll know how she likes it and understand exactly what kind of strokes does she like, does she stop or keep going all the way to the orgasm? What’s the other body part that she likes to play with in the meantime? And most importantly – you can see her reactions change right before the orgasm, this will let you better guess if you are doing a good job in the future.

Don’t be afraid of intimacy and being gentle. If more people got the confidence to ask, listen and watch instead of going rough, their sexual lives would be much better as slowly building up arousal gives much stronger orgasms and connects the lovers. Experiment but be light and never focus on one part of her body. And use one of the strongest weapons in bed – your words. Give her compliments, talk to her and never let her feel ashamed of her body – be a real man, the gentle lover women want, that’s what shows the maturity of you and your relationship. London Escorts will show you how to have amazing sex every night, you just have to be willing to learn.



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