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Can you imagine yourself having a first date with a nasty, sarcastic man who annoys you and plays you down? It would be impossible for you to agree on a second date. We know that an abusive kind of relationship is tough to handle. Still, as we go along with it, we end up accepting it, we find justification for and worst because we thought that we are why it happens the way it happens according to West Midland escorts from

The abuser in the relationship will pretend to be the excellent influencer in the relationship. Having many reasons, one of them uses such things to improve the relationship and make it stronger. That how most abusers in a relationship do.

Sexual abuse gets the most attention in everything, anywhere, and most especially in social media.  As years have evolved into change, abuse rather than sex can bring attention to, like physical abuse, mental, emotional abuse that people of any kind men and women, young or adult can still get so much attention through social media. What matters most is knowing what is right from wrong to remain to live peacefully and harmoniously according to West Midland escorts. There’s are good things that happen in abuse. It is always useful in living with love and peace.

When you abuse someone, it means you are controlling his or her life. As an abuser, you are filled with so many insecurities, afraid of being left alone, the fear of partner may find someone better than him or her. Because of that, he decided to stay and hold on and begins to check on your whereabouts from time to time, how you spend money, and the way you dress.

Most of the abusers want you to depend on them. They don’t want you to work. They will make everything to earn a lot. If this thing happens to your partner, then you deserve a break. It would help if you breathed from all those kinds of stupid things your partner is doing to you. Try some other things that would divert your attention according to West Midland escorts. You may find the relationship attractive, seductive in a way you cared, loved, and supported, but eventually, you lose your career, independence, friends, and, worst, your family. What’s the use of staying in such kind of relationship.

Emotional abuse exists when your relationship is against all odds. In the beginning, you feel so much love and security. There’s picking you up anywhere you go and drop you off, you feel very much warmth and protected from any harm. After a while, you will observe that you spend less time with your circle of friends. You became unfriendly then.

As time passes by, things became harder to make plans outside. Every time you ask permission to go out, he will not allow you to go, or else he will accompany you. Eventually, you find it weird why things turn out not what you have expected. With this, you gradually feel losing confidence in you as a person.

Most of the abusers became controlling that everything you from tiny things and more significant he should know. If you question them, they will give many reasons and make you feel ashamed and guilty about your action.

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