Alexander was a bit of a nerd in high school – Notting Hill escort

When the invitation for his twentieth high school reunion arrived one might think that he would have dismissed it without a second thought. However, things had changed for Alexander over the past twenty years, and he wanted to make sure that his old school mates knew how well he was doing.

He was now the owner of a large high-tech firm in Notting Hill, and was making a killing. In fact, Alexander was a millionaire many times over. He enjoyed his life as a man of wealth and everything that it included. The incredible home in Notting Hill, a collection of exotic automobiles, and the best custom tailored wardrobe that money could buy. The only thing missing was the trophy wife, but Alexander enjoyed being a bachelor and experiencing different woman whenever he chose.

Alexander wanted the perfect girl on his arm for his high school reunion. She had to be the best looking person in the room without question; so absolutely stunning that every man would want her and every woman would desire to be her. She would also have to enjoy attending events, and be a sociable person. Luckily he knew the ideal Notting Hill escort service from to call for such a request. The date was set up and Alexander simply could not wait to see the look on his old high school mates faces.

The escort’s name was Cynthia, and she certainly was everything that Alexander had requested. On the night of the reunion, Alexander picked her up in his brand new Ferrari. When he first saw her, Alexander thought that Cynthia had the most incredibly gorgeous face, and the most voluptuous body that he had ever laid eyes on. She was the true definition of sexy, especially in that tight-fitting black dress that emphasized just how amazing her body truly was.

As soon as Cynthia got into the Ferrari her beautifully manicured right hand made its way to Alexander’s upper thigh. She then began to stroke his leg while staring straight into his eyes, slowly working her way to his crotch. He then felt the zipper of his $500 designer jeans being undone. She took hold of his manhood and stroked it ever so gently before going down on him. When the sexual act was complete, they were off to the reunion. This was going to be a night that Alexander would always remember.


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