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I Keep telling myself that I won’t give up with my wife but as the time goes by things gets worse on us. I don’t know what to do anymore but I just want to be with this lady. I stay patient and understand her more. she says that she was busy and can’t have time with me. we are married for three years and she still does not want a baby for now but I tried to understand her. I don’t want to pressure her if she does not want at all.


A couple of months she went home late and drink. I asked her many times but she says that she was with her friends. I don’t know what’s real anymore because I suspect that she is having an affair. I tried to convince myself that she cannot do that thing to me that is why I have think positively though the time. London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/ is most amazing person that I ever have in my life. it’s her that keeps me happy all the time. of all the people in the world its with a London escort that I really care about. I will do anything that I can to provide her love and comfort.


because of a London escort I slowly learned to forget my ex wife. she made me who I am today and help me in everything. there is no words that I can say to this person. I love this London escort so much for making me happy the whole time. Loving her gives my life comfort to become who I am. I will never let this person feel bad about me that is why I’m doing the best that I can to provide her with anything that she wants.


London escort is a great source of love and happiness. I will always be there for her to make her feel that I will never leave her. she is with me when I feel bad about myself. She is the reason that I have a great future at all. To love a woman like her is the only source of my happiness. I will never make anything to ruin her trust to me.


I am afraid to start again but because of a London escort I am fine to risks again. London escort has provide me with a great amount of love that no one can give. she made me who I am and I am happy to find her. it’s a London escort that willingly makes my life a better world. it’s her who never made me feel bad about. Whenever I am with a London escort the feeling is amazing. I knew that this girl is the one for me after the bad marriage.

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